The main meanings of the Tree of Life symbol

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The Tree of Life is an amulet with deep meaning.

The Tree of Life symbol has become very popular in jewelry and this popularity isn’t diminishing. Wearing the Tree of Life necklace isn’t just a fashion trend, but also a deep symbolism. Since ancient times, the Tree has been regarded as a sacred amulet that has important meanings in both religious and spiritual philosophy. Tree of life jewelry can be made of gold and silver.
The Tree of Life is usually depicted as a large tree with spreading branches and roots extending up and down, more often it is enclosed in a circle. This symbol is associated with family, religion, philosophy, and spirituality and can be traced back to almost all ancient cultures. The idea of ​​a tree of life has existed for almost as long as humans. Something is inspiring, grounding, and soothing about this symbol. Let's see why the Tree of Life is such a popular symbol, and how you can choose your amulet that will symbolize the secret that you carry inside.
The main meanings of the Tree of Life :
The Tree of Life is an amulet with deep meaning - Family and fertility
The Tree of Life symbol represents the connection with family and ancestors. The symbol has an intricate web of branches that represents how the family grows and expands over many generations. It also symbolizes fertility as the tree continues to grow. From a small seed, it becomes strong, lush, and green, which means its vitality.
Main meanings of the Tree of Life
 - The interconnection of everything in the world (interconnectivity)

The tree of life represents how everything is interconnected. We do not exist in a vacuum but are connected with the outside world. The symbol of a tree enclosed in a circle represents the world, and a tree represents life in this world. This amulet symbolizes unity and serves as a reminder that you are never alone or isolated, but connected to the world. The roots of the Tree of Life go deep into the earth, taking food from Mother Earth, and its branches go to the sky, taking energy from the sun and the moon.
 - Stability, strength, and growth
The tree is a symbol of stability and strength. The metaphor of a tree rooted deep in the ground speaks of strength, stability, and earthiness. It also symbolizes growth, as the branchy crown of the tree is the result of years of slow growth - from a vulnerable seedling to a sturdy tree.
Tree of Life amulet, main meanings of the Tree of Life
 - Individuality
Each tree is unique and unrepeatable. In the beginning, all trees look the same, but as they grow, each tree becomes unique and no two trees are alike. Over time, trees acquire their character and beauty, withstanding all sorts of tests of the elements to become even stronger and stronger. We, too, are all different, like trees, so the symbol of the Tree of Life will always remind us of this.
 - Revival
A tree may lose its leaves and appear dead, but when conditions become more favorable, the tree comes back to life, loosening its leaves. Thus, the Tree of Life symbolizes rebirth and overcoming difficult times.
 - Calm and tranquility
Being under the crown of a large tree, there is a feeling of the power of nature, peace, and relaxation. In no other place will we receive such energy as from a tree. The tree is always calm and peaceful, quietly and slowly grows and becomes stronger, gives life - serves as a shelter and food for wild animals and birds.
Main meanings of the Tree of Life, Calm and tranquility
Who should wear the Tree of Life amulet
Since the symbol of the tree of life is found in many cultures and means almost the same thing, anyone can wear a talisman with it.
Do not think that it’s found only in ancient pagan cultures, it can also be found in Christianity and some other religions. He can protect his owner and help him overcome a difficult situation. The Tree of Life amulet is universal in everything: its energy is compatible with both males and females, with the energy of an adult and with the energy of a child, therefore it can be worn at any age.
You can wear a personal amulet or use it as a symbol of the family for its well-being. It will help keep peace and tranquility in the house and protect from evil forces. It will serve as a good amulet for a pregnant woman, symbolizing the beginning of a new life. It will protect the child and mother from evil and give her maternal wisdom.
Stylish Tree of Life Jewelry Examples in BlueWhiteShop
The tree of life is often used as the main motive for jewelry. We have selected several stylish pendants for you, which will definitely become bright accents of your look.


Tree of Life Diamond Necklace from Jerusalem 14K Gold Israel Jewelry

The Tree of Life pendant made of 14K gold with diamonds is a luxurious gift that carries a lot of meaning. The trunk of the tree is made of gold, which symbolizes prosperity, harmony, and wealth. Fruits in the form of diamonds are located on the branches. They are like a reward for righteous and worthy work, patience and perseverance. Small diamonds are placed in the circle of the pendant. They personify protection from negativity and evil eye.


  • Tree of Life necklace from Jerusalem Diamond Jewelry

    is a stylish piece of jewelry with small diamonds arranged in a circle. It’s made of 14K gold, therefore it attracts the eye, being an original addition to your style. The saturation of gold, its brilliance symbolizes the wealth of life and its harmony. Luxurious and classically strict at the same time, the pendant will suit your style perfectly.


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  • The “Tree of Life” is first seen in the Garden of Eden, description found in Genesis, the first book of the Jewish Holy Scriptures. God gave the story of Creation to Moses. He recorded it as the first of 5 foundational books of the Holy Scriptures or Torah. Upon this foundation recorded in ancient scrolls, we find the Father God’s Instructions, teachings & “mitzvot” for humanity. Going “Back to the Garden” is humanities struggle to get back into relationship with our Creator. That relationship was broken through disobedience. The Creator has a plan to bring us back into relationship. That is found in “The NewCovenant” in Yeshua the Messiah, who died on a tree. To give us access to the Father of all things. He is not the “Cosmos”. He created the Cosmos for us. Others have come along & adopted the “tree of life” to represent their interpretation of Life, but I see the truth in the original story. The moral being, seek “The Creator’s Story”. He will reveal it to you. Thanks for allowing me to comment. It will be interesting to see if you can approve of it as a viable option to all the other stories

    Sheila Phillips on

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