Jerusalem Nano Bible and Nano Torah.

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Jerusalem Nano Bible and Nano Torah pendants are very popular among buyers. We explain what is the originality of such jewelry.

The Nano Bible and the Nano Torah began to appear more and more often in jewelry: for example, pendants in the form of Jerusalem crosses, Stars of David. Their use not only makes jewelry more original, but also gives it a certain sacred meaning.

The term “nano” comes from the Greek word “nanos” which means “dwarf”. The unit of measurement "nanometer" is equal to one billionth of a meter, this ratio is easier to imagine visually when comparing an olive and a globe. without negatively affecting the surrounding tissues, and detecting cancer cells in the early stages.

The Nano Bible was conceived and embodied by Professor Uri Sivan and Dr. Ohad Zohar of the Russell Berry Institute for Nanotechnology (RBIN) and Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology in Haifa. It was made by engineers from the Sara and Moshe Zisapel Nanoelectronics Center and the Wolfson Microelectronics Training and Research Center. The first of the two created copies was donated by former Israeli President Shimon Peres to Pope Benedict XVI during his 2009 visit to Israel.

The Nano Bible is a pinhead-sized gold-plated silicon crystal engraved with the full Bible. The 1,200,000-letter text is engraved with a focused ion beam. The ion beam “carves out” gold atoms and thus “writes” letters, which reminds of the ancient technology of carving texts on stone. The writing process takes about 90 minutes. The Nano Bible uses a unique font developed for this technology: the letters are visible very brightly on a gold background. In order to see the text, it is necessary to use a microscope with a magnification of at least 10 thousand times.


The Nano Torah was created using the same technology.

The use of the modern embodiment of the ancient writing technique demonstrates the miracles of miniaturization of our century and allows the viewer to personally appreciate the level of microminiaturization attainable today. Compact storage of information is used not only by people: there is an ultra-compact representation of data in nature - all information about living organisms is recorded in DNA and transmitted from generation to generation.

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