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King Solomon Seals

King Solomon is often found in ancient scriptures and many ancient signs are associated with his name. It is worthwhile to understand the essence of the legend, which mystically veils the seal of King Solomon and creates an alluring halo of mystery.


According to legend, King Solomon, the son of David, at the beginning of his government thought about how to become a wiser, stronger, more influential ruler? He puzzled all the courtiers with this question, and one of the sages created a symbol endowed with incredible power for him, the basis of the symbol was a six-pointed star, in the form of two triangles superimposed on one another, which is known to us as the “Star of David”.


King Solomon ordered the engraving of a symbol on his ring. As a result, the ring endowed its owner with incredible power. With his help, Solomon managed to bind and seal 72 demon princes with their legions in a copper vessel. After he commanded these spirits at his discretion. He was worshiped by people, animals, birds, angels and demons.
Wise men and ordinary people came for advice. Thanks to him, people began to believe in talismans, charms, amulets and began to understand what sacred symbolism is. 
There is also a legend about the inscription on the seal “Everything passes, and this will pass”. 
When people deprived of well-being came to him, he pronounced this phrase, and when successful gentlemen came to him indecently, he also spoke this phrase. The moral of which is the balance of life. Which confirms the unlimited wisdom of King Solomon.

The Solomon seals are used in all faiths. In Christianity, the seal was interpreted as a sign of the “seven centuries of world history” associated with the “seven planets.” In Islam, the Seal of Solomon is interpreted as a symbol of wisdom.

Each seal of Solomon was unique and carried its own meaning and its own power. This image is applied, as a rule, on circles made of noble metals.

In general, most modern seals have already changed so much that the original in them is not easy to see, but their semantic load and strength only increase with centuries of existence.

Such an amulet will be a powerful talisman and charm. It will protect its owner from the effects of negative energy, protect it from evil eye, help to absorb and remember information faster, protect it from diseases and ailments, attract financial well-being and help you decide on your life purpose. The power of the amulet is so great that it will help its owner get rid of any addiction.

Today the Seal of Solomon is not only a talisman, but also incredibly beautiful stylish and graceful jewelry inlaid with precious stones and made of precious metals such as gold and silver.

It should be remembered that the amulet will work only if you believe in its powerful power.

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