Wooden beads Rosary with Christian Cross Crucifix from Jerusalem Holy Land 18''

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Rosary beads is an important attribute of prayer in many world religions. While perambulating beads, a person can concentrate on reading prayers and communicating with God. A distinctive feature of the Christian rosary is the presence of the crucifix.  

The form of the beads is also symbolic: the vicious circle, which forms the beads of the beads, symbolizes the unity of the body and spirit. The rosary beads are made of natural wood and are decorated with a wooden crucifix of unusual design. Such beads will become not only a valuable souvenir, but an important religious attribute, since they are able to bestow upon their owner the protection and blessing of God.

Material: Olive wood
Size:  18" (47 cm)
Bead size:  ∅ 0,34"(8.6 mm)
Weight: 0,4oz (12 gr)
Cross size:  1,67" x 0.89" (41.8 x 22.8 cm)

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