White Nephrite Pendant for Pisces

  • $76.99

The amulet is made of semiprecious stones and silver with Kabbalistic symbol. The amulet is provided in a gift box with a silver chain.

Zebulon - month of Adar

Zodiac - Pisces

Planet - Jupiter

Psalm number 126

Chinese philosophers attributed jade five main advantages to meet the six spiritual qualities. Its soft luster symbolizes compassion, its toughness - temperance and justice, translucency - a symbol of honesty, purity - the embodiment of wisdom, and its variability represents courage.

It is believed that white jade with its soft sheen, deep and calm color is able to ward off unruly passion, inspires the soul with peace and tranquility. The jade is a stone of life and brings happiness, if framed in silver or platinum, but not in gold.

Weight: 20