Unique amulet based on Ancient Gnostic Talisman for Health & Strength

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Unique amulet of the 3-4 th century AD, found in Israel. This is not just a piece of jewelry, but an original thing with a historical background.

On one side there is an image of the sun god in the form of a serpent with a lion's head topped with a crown with seven rays. Each ray ends with one of the seven vowel letters of the Greek alphabet. However, the seven rays symbolically represent the seven heavens. On some amulets, the crown has not seven, but twelve rays. For a long time, people believed that such an amulet could bring health and longevity to a person.

The other side depicts an ibis and a scorpion, which are known for their speed and strength. They contain magical power that can help in any unusual situation.

Historians believe that ancient people put a special meaning in the amulet. They believed that he could bring success in any enterprise and provide control over unknown forces. They also believed that the power of the amulet could bring inner harmony.

We suggest you buy an amulet and check if the ancients believed correctly! Or maybe you will discover new possibilities of the amulet?


This set includes:

1 card Amulet Seal
1 card with using description
Size of the card: 8.3x5.3 cm (3.3x2.1 inch)

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