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Turquoise Pendant for Capricorn

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The amulet is made of semiprecious stone and silver with Kabbalistic symbols. It is provided in a gift box with a silver chain.

Judas - the month of Tevet

Zodiac - Capricorn

Planet - Saturn

Psalm number 59

The mineral has always been considered a powerful amulet protecting from harm and evil eye. It was worn by the soldiers in order to win. It was a symbol of courage, confidence, truth, sincerity and hope. Now turquoise is advised for drivers to protect them from accidents.

Magic powers of turquoise include the ability to protect against the "bad" vibrations and anxiety.

Those who has such amulet, are promised to have clarity and balance of the mind, and as a consequence - the ability to express ideas logically. In everyday life, turquoise is the amulet for those who must often communicate with other people at work.

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