Spice Powder Ground Cumin Zira Jeera Herbs Food Flavor Pure Israel Seasoning

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Spice Powder Ground Cumin Zira Jeera Herbs Food Flavor Pure Israel Seasoning

Zira ground is one of the most famous and popular spices all over the world. The use of seed Zira has been known since ancient times. Even now, small seeds of this amazing plant are found in the Egyptian pyramids. In the Mediterranean countries, Zira is used in cooking of almost all meat and vegetable dishes.  The seasoning has a sweet-spicy taste and a pleasant, slightly nutty smell. 
Zira in Israel is grown on special plantations and subjected to careful quality check of collected seeds.  Adding a little ground Zira to your meat dish, you can give it a new unforgettable taste and a delightful aroma. Zira ground also has medicinal properties. With the regular use of this seasoning, you can improve the work of the digestive tract. It is recommended during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Regular use of Zira in cooking will help to significantly improve your health and give new vitality.


- meat dishes
- vegetable dishes
- salads
- sauces
- soups
- dishes from legumes
- hummus
- basturma and sausage products

- improves digestion, increases appetite
- removes toxins from the body
- relieves toxemia
- helps to increase milk in nursing mothers
- helps in the treatment of cancer
- used to treat problem skin

- in a dark, dry place
- hermetically closed packaging

Made in Israel

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