Sodalite Pendant for Aquarius

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The amulet is made of semiprecious stones and silver with Kabbalistic symbol. It is provided in a gift box with a silver chain.

Issachar - Shvat

Zodiac - Aquarius

The planet - Saturn

Psalm number 23

Sodalite is a mysterious and quite rare semi-precious stone, a talisman for businessmen, scientists, teachers, practicing magicians and mediums. It gives to the owner the opportunity to understand the world better, helps to find harmony and attracts success and universal sympathy.

Amulet in the form of a pendant with sodalite helps its owner to get rid of unjustified fears, develops intuition and helps to know the essence of things.

Sodalite is a stone of courage, it develops the mind and judgment, strengthens the will and endurance, helps to focus on the main goals and move on the chosen path. The product of sodolite will be an indicator of impending danger by changing color.

The amulet is provided in a in gift box with a silver chain.

Weight: 20

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