Silver medallion with Jerusalem cross, Holy Soil from Jerusalem and Holy Water

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One of the best gifts from the Holy Land is silver medallion with Jerusalem cross. It is not only a stylish accessory, but also a powerful symbol of true faith and religion. Israel is the land, where different cultures and religions are mixed, and buying such medallion you will have a small part of the Holy Land.

This accessory is made of the high-quality silver and is decorated with of the most popular symbols of Christianity – Jerusalem cross. Additional value to the medallion gives a special jar with the Holy Soil of Jerusalem and the Holy Water of Jordan river. Such accessory will become a nice gift with the deep meaning for your close friends and relatives. The medallion is provided with the special packing. The chain is not included to the set.

Size: 3x2 cm (1.1x0.8 inch)
Material: Silver 925

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