Minus 417 Shower Gel & Body Lotion Duo - Ocean Set

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Serenity Legend - Shower Gel & Body Lotion Duo – Ocean – 350ml*2
The perfect Serenity Legend Duo of Soft & Fresh Moisturizing Shower Gel and an Aromatic Refreshing Body Lotion.

Soft & Fresh Moisturizing Shower Gel 
Prevent aging skin caused by harmful chemical-based shower gels, while leaving your skin nourished, soft, and smooth. Best vegan body wash. 
Set the tone for the rest of your products by giving them a fantastic feeling of clean with a silky base to work from. 
Remove the unwanted buildup of pollutants, dirt and grime that you’re subjected to on a daily basis to leave your skin nourished, relaxed and ready for more intensive treatments. 
Enjoy an ultimate sensorial beauty experience:
SMELL a clean soft scent that rinses away leaving you nearly fragrance-free and ready for your favorite products.
SEE The grime and oils vanish as they wash down the drain.
FEEL Your skin as clean and ready as you’ve never felt it before.

Aromatic Refreshing Body Lotion 
Use this fully vegan lotion to nourish your skin into a perfectly moisturized sensation of soft, silky and smooth. Best body lotion for winter time. 
Rehydrate your skin anytime throughout the day by replenishing the lost moisture that the sun, wind and elements removed. 
Experience the sensation of feeling comfortable in your own skin as you feel reinvigorated. 
Enjoy an ultimate sensorial beauty experience: 
SMELL Enjoy the lightly perfumed scents of ylang ylang and patchouli. 
SEE The thin lines and wrinkles all over your body begin to fade and soften. 
FEEL The silky rich texture reminiscent of pure cream absorb straight into your skin without leaving any unwanted buildups behind.

Country of Origin:  Israel
Brand:  -417
Size (Total): 700ml

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