Shadai - Hei Amulet

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This amulet is two-sided, one side is inscribed with the letters (hei), and the name Shadai is engraved on the other side.

The word "Shadai" is one of the names of God. It is believed also that it contains the words "Shomer Dlatot Yisrael" ("Keeping the doors of Israel"). It is always present on the cases of Mezuzah ritual items that Jews attach to the doorposts of their homes. The combination of "Hei" is the basis of the word "life" and symbolizes happiness and good fortune and is often used in talismans as a sign of protection from the evil eye.

This amulet will bring its owner to the understanding of the higher meaning of the virtues of the Creator, will bring to the request for protection and mercy to God and gives protection from misfortune.

Material: Silver 925

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