Rosary Beads with Silver-Plated Crosses, Crucifix and Holy Soil

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Rosary Beads with Silver-Plated Crosses, Crucifix  and Holy Soil

Using rosary beads during the prayer, a person can concentrate on the communication with God. Rosary beads can be found in many cultures and religions. Though the first rosary beads were made in the ancient India and the material of beads was wood, modern manufacturers make the beads form various materials and often decorate it with silver, gold and semiprecious stones.  
Silver and gold plated rosary beads have very special design. Traditional rosaries have round beads, but this one has beads in the form of the crosses. They are gold and silver plated and the rosary is additionally decorated with the inscription Jerusalem and metal cross with crucifix.

Size: 57 cm (22.4")

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