Rasiel the Angel's Success Amulet King Solomon Kabbalah Talisman

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The origin of the amulet is linked to the legendary book of the highest angel Raziel, which contained the secret esoteric knowledge. The book was first opened to Adam for the knowledge of the laws of nature and life, and then transferred to Noah, and subsequently passed through Moses to the kings David and Solomon.

Kabbalistic signs inscribed on the amulet, open the depth of wisdom and insight to the owner, develop intuition, power of thought and the human spirit. This amulet is especially recommended for the followers of many spiritual and esoteric practices.

On one side of the amulet the words with wishes of happiness and luck are engraved, which are excerpted from the book of the angel Raziel. On the other there is the text of the prayer priests recognized to influence the course of events by the practical Kabbalah.

Material: Silver 925
Bundled Gift packaging and catalog with descriptions

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