Kabbalah Amulets Tree of Life & Star of David CZ Silver 925 Gold 9K

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Kabbalah Amulets  Tree of Life & Star of David CZ Silver 925 Gold 9K

In all world religions there is a symbol of the Tree of Life, as an image of the essence of the entire Universe, as the unity of all generations. The Mandala of the Tree of Life has a deep sacred meaning, the ability to heal and the ability to protect its owner. The Tree of Life medallion is not only a powerful amulet, but also a magnificent piece of jewelry suitable for people of any faith.

Hexagram Star of David is known to mankind since ancient times. The first products with the image of Magen David were found during excavations in Sidon, dated to the 7th century BC. The Star of David was depicted on the shields of warriors and was called the Shield of David.

The Star of David - an ancient symbol of protection, has a deep sacred meaning and is considered a reliable shield against negative energy.


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Made in Israel

•Width: 0.79" (20.1mm)
•Height: 1.04" (26.6mm)
•Weight: 0.197oz (5.43gr)

• Stones: Zirconium Crystals, Ruby, Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire, Blue Topaz and Aquamarine
•Material: Sterling Silver

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