Path Clearing Seal Amulet King Solomon Pendant Silver 925 Gold Plated Talisman with Hamsa

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Suspension with a Paths Clearing Seal is made of high-quality silver 925 pr. The pendant with Solomon's seal has an original design of "hamsa", reinforcing the sacred value of printing. In the central part of the print  is an image of the gates with an inscribed combination of letters meaning the name of G-d "יהוה" "IHVH" "Jehovah".

Above the main designation of the name of G-d "יהוה" are written three combinations of these letters, also being the names of the Lord "יהו" "יהוה" "יהה" and the name "אל" meaning divine. At the bottom of the magical sigil, the names of the four angels Shioel, Vaol, Yashiel and Vekhiel are engraved, helping to overcome any obstacles. Inscribed in the upper and lower parts of the press phrase "He broke the Gates of Copper and melted iron bars", taken from the Psalms of King David (127: 16). This pentacle, from the collection of seals of King Solomon, is recognized by the Kabbalists as one of the strongest and is able to help its owner, with ease, realize all his desires.

Size: Ø 2.3cm (0.9 inch)
Length of chain: 50cm (19.7inch)
Material: Silver 925 / gold plated 24K
Bundled: Silver chain and gift wrapping

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