Organic Spice Powder Ground Za'atar Zatar Herbs Flavor Pure Israel Seasoning

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Organic Spice Powder Ground Za'atar Zatar Herbs Flavor Pure Israel Seasoning

Za'atar is one of the most unusual and most popular spices of the Middle East. The use of this seasoning is known since the ancient history of mankind. A very similar mixture of herbs was found during the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun. 
Za'atar (meaning several species of plants from the genus Satureja) is not once mentioned in the writings of the Old and New Testaments. As a spice, and for ritual ablutions. In each Eastern country there are proportions of this mixture, but only Israeli Za'atar (זעתר) is unique. Growing in the Sinai desert, in severe climatic conditions, the herbs used to make the seasoning, acquire additional flavor and even therapeutic properties.


The unusual taste of this spicy will help you make a culinary masterpiece from any dish.
Even an ordinary piece of bread and butter sprinkled with this seasoning will acquire a unique and refined taste.
Regular use of spices Za'atar will have a beneficial effect not only on human health, but also on his mood.
- meat, bird
- fish, seafood
- cons and dairy products
- bakery products
- courses
- salads
- a mixture of spicy herbs of the family Yasnotkovye (Latin Lamiáceae - hyssop, marjoram, oregano, thyme)
- sesame (lat .Sesamum)
- sumac (lat. Rhus)
- salt
- The medicinal herbs that are part of the spice and possess antiseptic, anti-allergy and analgesic properties will favorably affect the treatment of digestive problems, help cope with lung diseases and strengthen your nervous system.
- Sesame, which has a rich vitamin-mineral complex, will prevent catarrhal and viral diseases.
- Sumac being a natural antioxidant, actively participates in the cleansing processes of the body and has a positive effect on the normalization of sugar in the blood.
- in a refrigerator
- in a cool dry place

Made in Israel

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