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Organic Spice Ground Sumac Sumach Sumaq Herbs Food Flavor Pure Israel Seasoning

Sumac - spice from ground berries of Sumach shrub, in reddish-burgundy color. Sumaс gives dishes a sour taste and is often used instead of lemon. Widely used sumah in Central Asian cuisine, practically replacing the lemon, also giving the dishes a pink (more cherry red) color. 
Sumaс is placed in dishes of fish and poultry, marinades, salads, kebabs, dishes from legumes. In Turkey and Iran, rice poured with grinded sumac. Sumac with finely chopped rice is a popular Asian snack. Sauce of yoghurt with sumac is served to kebabs. This spice added to salads and delicious desserts.


Sumac has antiseptic properties, it is often used as a remedy for indigestion. For medical purposes it plays the role of an antioxidant, relieving the body of unnecessary harmful substances. In addition, this seasoning contributes to a beneficial effect on the human condition in diabetes mellitus.

Made in Israel

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