Onyx Pendant for Aries

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The amulet is made of semiprecious stones and silver with Kabbalistic symbols. It is provided in a gift box with a silver chain.

Joseph - the month of Nisan

Zodiac - Aries

Planet Mars

Psalm number 114

The sacred value of onyx stone is attested in the Bible, where is stated that it was among the other 12 stones in the breastplate of the High Priest Aaron. But, as a talisman, it has been used since ancient times. It was believed that onyx helps to manage people, and so it served as an amulet for the leaders, protecting them from attacks and enemies. Among the magical properties of black onyx experts mark the ability to increase the internal energy and give strength. It is suitable for people who are constantly moving and exhaust quickly, both physically and emotionally. Since the stone helps to concentrate and find the patience, it is perfect for students and those who are engaged in research, law and media sources.

Weight: 20

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