Olive wood Handmade Rosary beads Prayer Knot with Holy Soil from Jerusalem 23"

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Olive wood Handmade Rosary beads Prayer Knot from Bethlehem with Holy Soil from Jerusalem and Cross Pendant. Rosary beads is one of the religious symbols which is used all over the world. The Rosary beads are used during the prayer for the concentration on the communication with God. Also by telling the Rosary person can calm down and relax. 

The Rosary beads are made of the natural olive wood, which is very symbolic for all Christians as a symbol of the self-sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The unusual pattern of the natural olive wood gives each rosary a unique design. Additionally the rosary is decorated with metal cross pendant and jar with the Holy Soil of Jerusalem, which will bring luck and God’s blessing to the owner of the beads.

Material: Olive wood
Size:  22.5" (57 cm)
Bead size:  0,36x0.26"(9x7 mm)
Weight: 0.6oz (17 gr)
Cross size:  1,64" x 0.87" (41.7 x 22.4 cm)