Olive wood beads rosary with Jerusalem Cross

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The best souvenir from the Holy Land is rosary - a kind of religious symbol and mascot for all believers. The first beads were made in India in the ancient times, but now they are an indispensable attribute of daily prayers for people of different religions. Beads can be worn around the neck as a necklace, or wrapped around the wrist. Also, they can be hung in the bedroom, or in the car. Fingering the rosary beads, it is possible not only to fully concentrate on the prayer but also to focus and relieve stress. Rosary, presented on our site, is made of natural and environmentally pure olive wood and is decorated with a cross of Jerusalem, which is essential for all Christians.

Size: 35 cm
Material: Olive wood
Producing country: Israel
Bead size ∅ 0.8 cm
Cross size 2.9x2.9 cm