Olive wood beads rosary with crucifix

  • $9.99

A trip to Israel always brings vivid memories, and to keep them every guest of the Holy Land seeks to buy a souvenir that reflects the extraordinary culture and the rich history of this country. The best gift will be a rosary made of the natural olive tree, because it is not a simple souvenir, but a valuable gift with deep meaning and value. The first beads were manufactured in India long time ago, and are used for prayers and concentration even in modern world. The rosary presented on our website, is made of natural olive wood, which gives each bead original pattern and texture. The beads are connected to each other with metal decorative elements and the rosary is decorated with crucifix.

Size: 46 cm
Material: Olive wood
Producing country: Israel
Bead size ∅ 0.8 cm
Cross size 4.3x2.3 cm