Olive wood beads rosary

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Rosaries as a religious attribute are used in many religions. Going through the rosary beads, it is possible to count the prayers. In addition, the shuffling of beads helps to concentrate and develop fine motor skills of fingers. A distinctive feature of the Christian rosary is the presence of the small cross or crucifix. In addition to the practical value, the rosary is very symbolic attribute as a closed ring formed by beads symbolizes the unity of mind and body. Rosary with a crucifix, presented on our site, is made of olive wood, which is important for all Christians, as it symbolizes the flour of Jesus for the sins of mankind. Rosary is complemented with the crucifix and metal decorative elements.

Producing country: Israel
 60 cm
Material: Olive wood

Bead size 1.1x1 cm
Cross size 4.3x2.3 cm

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