Malachite Pendant for Virgo

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The amulet is made of semiprecious stone and silver with Kabbalistic symbols. It is provided in a gift box with a silver chain.

Asher - month Ellul

Zodiac - Virgo

Planet - Mercury

Psalm number 94

Many nations consider malachite as a talisman from diseases, evil eye and other ills, and as a good children's amulet that protects a child from illnesses and dangers.

Malachite creates physical and emotional harmony in the body. It gives wisdom, cunning and spiritual strength. Set in silver malachite brings good luck in business and success in love.

Wearing malachite opens the heart to a great love, while leading to emotional balance and harmony. Jewelry with malachite suits people who feel lonely or prone to melancholy. This is a great amulet for those who need a recharge of the internal energy and spiritual forces.

Weight: 20

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