Livelihood Seal Amulet King Solomon Pendant Silver 925 Gold Plated Talisman with Hamsa

  • $75.00

The pendant with the seal is made of high-quality silver 925 pr. The pendant with the seal of Solomon has the original design of "hamsa", which strengthens the sacral value of the printing of the Matter. In the center of the print there is a famous ancient palindrome:. . SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS written in ancient Hebrew: .שאתור ארהפו תהנהת ופהרא רותאש

On the circle is engraved the phrase from the book of Theilim (72: 8) "And the water descended to the sea from the river and to the ends of the earth" Seal of King Solomon's gift is a powerful amulet that gives its owner the opportunity to have a steady income and to have no needs. Opens new opportunities and promotes the acquisition of good luck in business.

Size: Ø 2.3cm (0.9 inch)
Length of chain: 50cm (19.7inch)
Material: Silver 925 / gold plated 24K
Bundled: Silver chain and gift wrapping