Lion Of Judah Anointing Oil 12ml by Ein Gedi

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Anointing Oil Lion of Judah 0.4 fl.oz by Ein Gedi

This anointing oil is based on the natural olive oil and the blend of herbal extracts and flowers, grown in the Holy Land. In the process of creating the Anointing Oil, ancient recipes are used which fully correspond to the oils, used by our ancestors for church service and religious rituals.

The Anointing Oil Lion of Judah has rich and fresh aroma, and can be used not only for everyday home prayers, but also for creating the cozy family atmosphere and healing the sick. To cope with the disease of body and soul, it is enough to anoint the aching part of the body or forehead with the oil. If you have such anointing oil in your home, you will fill it with joy and blessing, and your family will get peace and harmony.

Volume: 12ml / 0.4fl.oz
Brand - Ein Gedi
Manufacturer - Ein Gedi Cosmetics and Pharma Ltd.

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