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Lemon Jasper Pendant for Taurus

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The amulet is made of semi-precious stone and silver with Kabbalistic symbols. It is provided in a in gift box with a silver chain.

Benjamin - month Eyar

Zodiac - Taurus

Planet - Venus

Psalm number 95

Jasper is not only a beautiful stone, but also a powerful amulet. Ancient healers and modern clergymen recognize the ability of jasper to resist the evil forces.

Jasper fuels its owner with energy, attracts happiness and prosperity. It has a positive effect on the person - protects against rash acts, brings good luck and repels envious glances.

If you want to save your beloved people in a long journey, give them the amulet or souvenir with jasper. The stone is the protector of travelers will save them from all sorts of troubles and malice.

Jasper is a symbol of humility and courage. In ancient times it was believed that the amulet with jasper would give fortitude for warrior and wisdom to scholar.

The amulet is provided in a gift box with a silver chain.

Weight: 20

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Shirley Phuntsok
Lemon Jasper Pendant for Taurus

A very nice gift to myself. It's beautiful and very eloquent and I love it. Thank you.