Kosher Natural Silver Plated Yemenite Shofar Kudu Horn 60-69 cm Israel

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Kosher Natural Silver Plated Yemenite Shofar Kudu Horn 23.5-27"(60-69 cm) Israel

The Shofar is made of natural Kudu horn. When shrouded, this shofar produces a high, weeping sound.According to the Halakhah, the shofar is trumpeted during a synagogue divine service on Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (Judgment Day, or Day of Atonement).
All the shofaras are controlled by the rabbis because the instruments must be kosher.The length of the shofar is measured on the outer part and the natural curvature of the instrument is taken into account .Each shofar is unique and you will never find two absolutely identical.

Size:  23.5-27"(60-69 cm)
Weight:  14.1 oz (400 gr)
Material:    Natural Kudu's horn & Silver plated 925
Country of origin:   Israel