Kabbalah Ring with Magen David Traveller's Prayer Kitsur Shulkhan Sterling Silver & Gold 9K

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Kabbalah Ring with Magen David Traveller's Prayer Kitsur Shulkhan Sterling Silver & Gold 9K

An exquisite Kabbalistic ring in silver, with a gold star of David and black onyx, engraved with the Traveller's Prayer (Kitsur Shulkhan Arukh 68.)
The Traveler's Prayer Ring (Talmud) will protect you from possible dangers and ill-wishers. It will guide you along the safe path and help you safely return.
Travel Prayer should be read every day during your trip.
יהי רצון מלפניך ד אלק"ינו ואלקי אבותינו, שתוליכנו לשלום ותצעידינו לשלום, ותדריכנו לשלום, ותגיענו למחוז חפצינו לחיים לשמחה ולשלום (ואם בכוונתנו לחזור באותו יום אומרי םותחזירנו לשלום), ותצילנו מכף כל אויב ואורב ולסטים וחיות רעות בדרך ומכל מיני פורעניות המתרגשות לבוא לעולם ’
Road Prayer:
May it be Your will, G ‑ d, our G ‑ d and the G ‑ d of our fathers, that You should lead us in peace and direct our steps in peace, and guide us in peace, and support us in peace, and cause us to reach our destination in life, joy, and peace (If one intends to return immediately, one adds: and return us in peace). Save us from every enemy and ambush, from robbers and wild beasts on the trip, and from all kinds of punishments that rage and come to the world. May You confer blessing upon the work of our hands and grant me grace, kindness, and mercy in your eyes and in the eyes of all who see us, and bestow upon us abundant kindness and hearken to the voice of our prayer, for You hear the prayers of all. Blessed are You G ‑ d, who hearkens to prayer.

In the center is the Star of David, which has a unique sacred meaning. The six-pointed star was depicted on the shields of warriors and was called the Shield of David.
The black onyx used in the amulet- ring is capable of blocking out a person, using an aura of protection against the effects of negative energy and, as a result, the evil eye and damage.

REUBEN Tribe of Reuben stone Rubin
adds vitality and energy
JUDAH Tribe of Judah stone Pomegranate
attracts abundance and success in business. weaken negative energy.
DAN Tribe of Dan Stone Citrine
supports wealth and quality of life. gives joy and strength.
ASHER Tribe of Asher stone AQUAMARINE
has calming properties. concentrates
SIMEON Tribe of Simeon stone TOPAZ
suppresses fear and gives peace of mind
ISSACHAR Tribe of Issachar stone SAPPHIRE
strengthens health, gives good spirits
NAPHTALI Tribe of Naphtali stone AGATE
possesses healing properties, strengthens health. gives confidence
JOSEPH Tribe of Joseph stone ONYX.
iable Sizes: 5, 5 1/4, 5 3/4, 6, 6 1/2, 7, 7 1/4, 7 3/4, 8, 8 1/2, 8 3/4, 9 1/4, 9 1/2, 10, 10 1/2, 10 3/4, 11 1/4, 11 1/2, 12, 12 1/2, 12 3/4
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Made in Israel
Material: Silver 925, Gold 9K
Weight: 0.26 (7.61 gr)