Kabbalah Rotating Ring Against the Evil Eye Silver 925 Gold 9K

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Kabbalah Rotating Ring Against the Evil Eye Silver 925 Gold 9K

On the middle part of the ring an ancient prayer is engraved against the evil eye "Ben Porat .....", taken from Genesis 49:22 and capable of completely protecting its Owner from any negative (evil eye, spoilage, envy, etc.)
According to the Old Testament, this protective prayer, the Biblical Patriarch Jacob addressed to his son Yosef, revered by the great Old Testament righteous man.
The prayer "Ben Porat Yosef ..." should be read during the ritual of tying the "Red string from the evil eye" and has great religious significance.
On the circumference of the ring, the first phrase from the Kabalistic prayer from the evil eye is engraved:
«בן פורת יוסף בן פורת עלי עין»
"Son of the exalted, Joseph, son of the exalted eyes against the eyes"

Terms of use:

- It is recommended to read the prayer every time leaving home, before a long journey or an important event.
- It is better to say a prayer in the original language.
original text:

בן פורת יוסף בן פורת עלי עין; המלך הגאל אתי מכל רע וברך
את הנערים ויקרא בהם שמי; ושם אבתי אברהם ויצחק
וידגו לרב בקרב הער

How to read correctly:

Ben's time is Yosef ben pore't alae'y ain
A-me'lah ega'l oti 'mi'-ko'l'r rajevar'ah
Et-a-na'a'rim ve-iqare 'b-e'm shmi
In-Shem Avotah Avra'am in-Yitzhak
Ve-Idgou 'laro'v b-kare'v a-a'rez

Text translation:

As the fish on the earth are covered with water, and the evil eye has no power over them,
so does not have the evil eye of strength over the descendants of Joseph.
An eye that does not pretend to be something that does not belong to it is not subject to the evil eye.

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Made in Israel
Material: Silver 925

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