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Kabbalah Necklace Star of David with labradorite 9K gold silver

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Kabbalah Necklace "Star of David" with labradorite, 9K gold, Sterling Silver

The elegant silver Kabbalah amulet , made out of high-quality 925 sterling silver, and a golden Star of David with a Labradorite stone and the Names of God has an exceptional sacred meaning.

The hexagram “Magen David” has been known to mankind since ancient times. The first items depicting the Star of David were discovered during excavations, and date back to the VII century BC.

The magical properties of the six-pointed star have been known to mankind since ancient times. A hexagram of two superimposed triangles was used by the Wise King Solomon.

Engraved six of the 72 names of God, can beneficially affect all aspects of your life. Each name carries its own energy, aimed at creating and protecting from negativity.

Upon purchase, you receive as a GIFT a chain (silver 925 pr.)

 The 72 magical names of God obtained by the first Kabbalists from the three verses of Exodus (Exodus) 14: 19-21 are considered the Great Code of the Universe. Each name has its own energy, and with the correct understanding of the meaning of each name, you will open the way to the knowledge of the Higher spheres.

 .מ.ה.ש energy of healing, purification and restoration

.ס.א.ל energy of abundance and affluence

.ה.ה.ע the all-consuming energy of higher love

.א.ל.ד protection against damage, evil eye and negative energy

.ש.א.ה energy connection with space

.כ.ל.י fertility and procreation energy

Made in Israel

•Width: 0.79" (20.2mm)
•Height without bale: 0.94" (23.9mm)
•Weight without chain: 0.187oz (5.29gr)
•Material: Sterling Silver & Gold 9K
•Country of origin: Israel (Hand Made)
•Chain length: 19.695" (500mm)

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