Kabbalah Pendant Magen david Eve’s Rectification Tikun Hava Sterling Silver Gold

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Kabbalah Pendant Magen david  Eve’s Rectification Tikun Hava Sterling Silver Gold 

Silver amulet of Kabbalah "Tikun Hava" "תיקון חוה" "Eve’s Rectification" is considered one of the most effective for obtaining the desired improvements and changes in life.

The amulet is based on the ability to correct the Original Sin of Eve and the ability to access the Eternal Source of life.
The amulet consists of three Shields, which are the foundation of Kabbalistic teachings and correspond to the three letters in the name of Eve חוה
    The outer star - the star of Abraham "מגן אברהם", is an eight-pointed figure (Octagram), obtained from two superimposed squares.
The first letter of the name חוה - the letter ח - is equal to the number 8 in gematria. Kabbalists believe that the Shield of Abraham gives atonement for sins.
    Middle - Star of David "מגן דוד" is a six-pointed star (Hexagram) known as the Shield of David and consists of two triangles.
The second letter of the name חוה - the letter ו - in gematria 6. Denotes the symbol of equality, inner balance, preservation of spiritual values.
     Inner - star of Solomon "מגן שלמה" - Five-pointed star (Pentagram), used by  Solomon as a designation of the five elements of the universe.
The third letter of the name חוה - the letter ה - in gematria 5. Symbolizes the five elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit. Supports the beauty and harmony of the world.

The power of the תיקון חוה amulet lies in its ability to change the path of life from fall to the top. The medallion is an amulet with the inherent energy of Renaissance and Ascension. A magical talisman with protective properties obtained thanks to the centuries-old Faith in the Grace of God.

Made in Israel

•Width:0.84" (21.5mm)
•Height without bale:0.94" (24mm)
•Weight without chain:0.139oz (3.92gr)
•Material: Sterling Silver & Gold 9K
•Chain length: 19.695" (500mm)

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