Kabbalah Men's Bracelet ANI LE DODI Wedding Kabbalah Blessing Silver 925

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Kabbalah Men's Bracelet  ANI LE DODI Wedding Kabbalah Blessing Silver 925

 Stylish, modern bracelet with silver elements (including a clasp) and engraved quotes from Song of Songs, "אני לדודי ודודי לי" "I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me" (Song of Solomon 6: 3) This phrase written in the original language, it is considered a symbol that brings good luck to all lovers.

The Kabbalah bracelet helps create a long relationship filled with mutual love and respect.
Products are of the highest quality and are thoroughly tested before sale.

Long charm length: 1.75" (44.5mm)
Long charm width: 0.28" (7.2mm)
Short charm length: 0.18" (4.6mm)
Short charm width: 0.26" (6.7mm)
Bracelet width: 0.19" (4.8mm)
Weight: 0.511oz (14.47gr)
Material: Sterling Silver & Rubber
Country of Origin: Israel

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