Kabbalah Amulet of Healing "Zohar Pinhas" Silver 925

  • $120.00

Amulet of Healing "Zohar Pinhas" (silver 925, nanotechnology) Amulet of Healing is a unique silver medallion containing the text of the Kabbalah book «Zohar Pinhas». The book, in whose pages the spiritual energy was imprinted, is able to connect us with our inner possibilities for healing. The medallion «Zohar Pinhas» will help the owner to feel peace of mind and the Highest protection against negative energy.

Wearing such amulet will be beneficial in all spheres of modern life and will have a positive impact on owner’s health. The medallion is made using nanotechnology and laser engraving in combination with a three-dimensional hologram. The contents can be read through a microscope at a magnification of 440 times.

Size: Ø2cm (0.79inch)
Chain size: 50cm (19.7inch)
Material: Silver 925