Kabbalah Amulet Mimiah the Angel for Success on Everything

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Product Description

• Brings success on everything you do.

• Influences medicine, chemistry and physics.

• Affects on longevity.

Editor's Note:

With Hebrew Bible verse:

“Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee” Psalm 116:7

The Angel’s name is written with Hebrew square alphabet and Paleo-Hebrew alphabet

Amulets Description

The amulets are hand made under the supervision of the mystic, Alexander Shmuel Fern. Alexander Shmuel Fern, born in 1952, lives in the holy land, deals with and researches the mysticism field, practical kabbalah, amulets and virtues. Alexander is a personalized amulets expert, studied and researched ancient books at kabbalists from the practical kabbalah field.

If there is sensitivity to the metal, the chain can be replaced with a cord or leather string.
Amulet painted on Parchment (kosher animal leather piece used for writing Torah scrolls).

Pedant / amulet are hand made, especially for your purchase, so also does not seem industrialized sterile product.
Sensitive to water!!!

​​​​​​​Using instructions

Hang on a neck or carry in a pocket close to the body (attached cotton fabric bag for carrying the in a pocket).
Do not enter the amulet to the bathroom and cemeteries.
Don't throw the amulet. After using put it aside or bury in the cemetery.
Loss or throwing amulet is considered as bringing bad luck.

How to choose the right amulet

There are different charms that are supposed to do similar acts. Method to choose the amulet is right for you according to internal feeling. What you choose it will always be correct and appropriate for you. There is no chance. Your mind is always attracted fit for you.
If, however, you're can't decide, you can write the problem in short (up to 100 words) and we will match the right one for you.

Our amulets combine ancient tradition with integration to the modern world.
All amulets are applied  on parchment, and the parchment is placed inside a silver-plated pendant tray which hangs on a silver-plated necklace for power against the evil eye. They will be printed by a Kabbalist with holy symbols and letters differentiated by the amulet’s purpose, using correct combinations to induce supernatural powers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Aung Myint

The moment I put it on my neck, I realized the extraordinary force has just entered my life. Thank you very much!

Oren Cohen

Very happy with it. Good quality, looks nice !

Dawn Valdez
Works well.

I was looking for something to boost my success and came across this amulet. Personalized with my details, it felt special from the start. Since wearing it, small but meaningful successes have started to come my way, making me a true believer in its power.

This amulet rocks!

It really helps me feel more successful every day. I’m loving this amulet! It’s like my personal good luck charm for success.

eun cho

The amulet is expertly crafted and beautifully designed. When I first received this amulet, I was skeptical. But as days passed, I started noticing small successes piling up.