King Solomon Seal - Wishes - 3rd Pentacle of the Sun - Amulet

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King Solomon Seal - "Wishes". 3rd Pentacle of the Sun. Talisman. Kabbalah Amulet
The King Solomon Wishes Seal a powerful amulet that will help you realize your ideas, achieve your goals and happiness. In ancient times, she was depicted on the King Solomon’s ring and helped him quickly and easily solve even the most difficult issues. By purchasing this amulet, you will ensure your prosperity, fulfill your plans without doubts.
The King Solomon Wishes Seal will fulfill wishes.
* Unfortunately, not everyone can correctly formulate his desire correctly.
How to make your wish come true?
To do this, write a wish on the sheet of the paper. Than you need to formulate it in as few words as possible - this is your desire. Remember that the wish must be positive and not carry requests for harm to other people.

This set includes:

1 card with King Solomon Wishes Seal
1 card with using description
Size of the card: 8.3x5.3 cm (3.3x2.1 inch)

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