King Solomon Seal Health Talisman Kabbalah Amulet

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The King Solomon Health Seal is designed to strengthen and maintain physical and mental health.
There is a symbol consisting of two superimposed triangles in its center. The words are inscribed in a circle: "In Him was life, and life was the light of men." This combination of drawing and text is a powerful code that opens the flow of new living energy.
The seal, also known as the "Shield of David" (Magendavid), is able to protect its owner from external influences of ill-wishers.
The amulet - the talisman of Health is recommended to be worn by those who suffer from chronic and serious diseases.
The King Solomon Health Seal helps people to stay healthy and overcome illnesses, distress, pain and physical traumas.

This set includes:

1 card with King Solomon Health Seal
1 card with using description
Size of the card: 8.3x5.3 cm (3.3x2.1 inch)

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