Judaica Hanukkah Menorah Traditional Lamp Candlestick Aluminum Hammered

  • $45.00

Chanukia is a traditional lamp for candles which are lit for eight days on the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. It looks like a menorah, but the cups on its trunks are situated on the same line, and the ninth candlestick is used to plug the other candles.    
This rite is associated with the history of the uprising of Makkaveevi which is held in honor of the purification of the Temple - the only pitcher with consecrated oil was miraculously enough for eight days burning menorah at that times. The Menorah was made in the form of stem on a stand. Seven lamps filled with pure olive oil were put on its branches The lamps were lit every evening and burned all night.

Size: 21x23x10 cm (8.2x9x3.9 inch)