Jerusalem Nano Bible Torah Pendant King David's Harp Roman Stone Necklace Silver 925

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Jerusalem Nano Bible Torah Pendant King David's Harp Roman Stone Necklace Silver 925

The Jerusalem Nano Bible is the World's Smallest Printed Bible in it's original Hebrew (Jewish Bible - Torah). Nano lithographed ( imprinted ) in full on a 4.77*4.77 mm silicon surface, the oldest combined and most influential Bible from the Holy Land merging the spirit and technology to God's people.

Our mission is to reignite the spiritual connection to the Bible – God's Word.

A unique opportunity to carry the Bible and hold it close to your heart at all times.

A Jerusalem Nano Bible Certificate of Authenticity accompanies all purchases. The certificate guarantees the authenticity of your Nano Bible and documents that the utmost care was used to craft the Bible and to ensure it’s preservation.

Made in Israel
Width: 0.7 inch (1.8 cm)
Height: 0.8 inch (2 cm)
Weight:0.135oz (3.83 gr)
Material: Silver 925, Roman Glass