Holy Land Gift Set: Holy Water, Olive Oil, Earth - Bethlehem

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Holy Land Gift Set: Holy Water, Olive Oil, Earth – Bethlehem.

The Unique Holy Land Gift Set from the 'Terra Santa Collection' brings you treasures of Christianity: virgin olive oil from Galilee, earth from Bethlehem, and pure water from the Jordan River.
- Consecrated olive oil: Renowned for its healing properties, aiding in curing ailments.
- Holy Water: Ideal for house consecration, effectively dispelling evil spirits for an extended period.
- Holy Soil: Intended for placement on the graves of departed loved ones, honoring their memory.
These items create a meaningful gift, allowing you and your loved ones to hold and cherish a piece of the Holy Land. Carry and use them to reconnect with the atmosphere where Jesus lived and performed His miracles.

Made in Israel
Set contains: 
- Galilee Olive Oil
- Earth from Bethlehem
- Jordan River Water
144 mm (5.6 inch) x 95 mm (3.7 inch)
95 g

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