High Priest Breastplate Hoshen 12 Tribes of Israel Stones Wall Decor

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High Priest Breastplate Hoshen 12 Tribes of Israel Stones Wall Decor 5 inch

Hoshen is wall decor with powerful protective properties. In the ancient times it was used as a part of the High Priest clothing and was worn on the breast on a golden chain. Hoshen is decorated with 12 different stones. Each of it has special magic properties and symbolizes one of Israeli tribes.    It is believed that stones can tell all the truth about a certain person and has unique positive energy of the particular Israeli tribe. Also each stone has its own name, which characterizes its properties. Hoshen is made by hand on the basis of natural olive wood. The name of each stone is written in Hebrew and keeps positive energy.

Reuben strengthens life power and energy, Judah is able to protect against the negative energy and helps to reach luck, Dan gives joy and strength and attracts wealth, Asher calms down and helps to concentrate, Simeon struggles fears and gives harmony and Issachar gives health and soul strength. Also the Hoshen is decorated Naphtali, which is able to heal the sick and get self-confidence, Joseph strengthens memory, Levi is able to struggle the stress and heals various disease, Zebulun protects against the evil eye and negative energy, Gad keeps harmony and Benjamin helps to get physical strength.

Size: 14 x 10  (5.5 x 3.9")
Material: Wood & Stones

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