Guarding and Protection Seal Amulet King Solomon Pendant Silver 925 Gold Plated Talisman with Hamsa

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The pendant with the seal of Protection is made of high-quality silver 925 pr. The pendant with Solomon's seal has an original design of "hamsa", which enhances the sacred value of the seal of Protection.

In the center of the magical seal are the Divine Names El and Yiai having, according to Gematria, the same numerical value. The following circumference contains the names of the Spirits, encoded in the alphabet of Kabbalah, called Heavenly. On the outer circle there is a quote from Theilim Psalm 105: 32,33 "He turned their rain into hail, he struck down their vines and fig trees and shattered the trees of their country". The magic escort of the Defense seal protects you from evil eye and negative energy. Prevent a dangerous situation and protect on the road.

Size: Ø 2.3cm (0.9 inch)
Length of chain: 50cm (19.7inch)
Material: Silver 925 / gold plated 24K
Bundled: Silver chain and gift wrapping

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