Gold Plated Amulet Hamsa with Blue Stones & Cobalt

  • $25.00

Hamsa Hand with Home Blessing Judaica Wall Decor Israel Souvenir

The hamsa amulet is a protection against all troubles. This talisman has the shape of an open symmetrical palm. The thumb and little finger are the same in size and shape. The ancient amulet is decorated with blue stones. Blue color is the best defender from the evil eye.  
On the center of a palm represent various symbols of protection against jinx, for example, The Star of David. The amulet can be wear differently: with your fingers up or down. This sign exists in all religions. Any person can wear it. But you know, he will not help guileful, cunning people. If your heart is pure - this talisman is for you.

Size: 10 x 13  (3.9 x 5.1")
Material: Pewter