14K Gold Jerusalem Cross Necklace Stained Glass Enamel and 5 Diamonds

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14K Gold Jerusalem Cross Necklace Stained Glass Enamel and 5 Diamonds. Jewelry by Anbinder. Handcrafted design. Free Shipping from Jerusalem.

This beautiful stained glass enamel Jerusalem Cross is not only a perfect symbol of faith and devotion for the person who wears it, but also one of art and culture.
The pendant is crafted from 14k gold and stained glass enamel and set with 5 sparkling diamonds.
Stained glass enamel is hypoallergenic, and therefore is an ideal decorative element for jewelry that comes into contact with the skin.
The purpose of stained glass enamel is to control light and let it pass through the pendant.
The light streaming through the stained glass enamel cross reminds of the purity of the soul and good Christian thoughts.
Each color used in the pendant has a specific meaning:
- Blue: Is associated with the color of the sky and therefore symbolizes heaven, hope, sincerity, and piety.
- Red: Represents the blood of Christ or the martyrdom of saints. It could also indicate strong emotions such as love.
- Yellow (gold): symbolizes divinity, power, and glory.
- White (diamonds): Is a representation of chastity, innocence.
The reverse side of the charming pendant is decorated with the inscription "Jerusalem". It serves as a reminder of the magical aura of the Holy Land and the power of faith.
Jewelry art, sophistication, and deep faith in God are closely intertwined in adornment.
This handmade work is a real piece of art 14К yellow gold Jerusalem Cross pendant with stained glass enamel and 5 diamonds will remind you of the Holy Land and the power of faith that can work miracles.

Made in Israel
14K Yellow Gold, Stained Glass Enamel
Quantity stones:  
5 diamonds
Carat Total Weight:  
0.2 ctw,  (4 diamonds=0.08ctw, 1 center diamond=0.12ct)
Gem Type:  White Diamonds
Stone shape:  Round
Color:  G
Clarity:  Si
Cut:  Very Good
Size:  19 mm x 28 mm (0.74” x 1.1”)
Weight: 3g

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