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Four Rivers of Paradise Amulet

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Choose your river of life!

According to legend, the Garden of Eden was surrounded by four countries, and each of them was washed by one of the four rivers originating from the main river of Eden. Pichon River flowed through the land of Havilah, which was inhabited with people appreciating the material wealth above all. The river Gihon flowed through the country of Kush, whose inhabitants strived to physical and sensual pleasures. The Khidekel river washed the place, collecting people revered to universal respect and the possession of power. And the river Prat watered the Holy Land, the land of the prophets and sages who have befallen the secret harmony of spiritual and physical life. After the fall and expulsion from the Eden Adam's descendants began to occupy these countries in accordance with the chosen life values.

The Amulet Four Rivers of Paradise opens to the owner the diversity of the world, makes him closer to understanding the true and false values, and shows the way of free choice of his own river of life.

Choose your river of life !

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