Christian Brown Rosary Beads with Order of Saint Benedict Necklace Jerusalem 18"

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Rosary is not only a valuable souvenir, reflecting the rich history and culture of Holy Land, but also an important religious attribute, which is used by representatives of different religions. The main purpose of the rosary is that in the process of fingering beads, praying person counts prayers and fully focuses on communion with God.   

In addition, the beads help to relieve stress, concentrate and develop fine motor skills of fingers. Traditionally, the lower part of the beads are decorated with a crucifix and metal decorative elements.

Size:  18" (47 cm)
Bead size:  0,30 x 0.37"(7.8 x 9.6 mm)
Weight: 0.8oz (24 gr)
Cross size:  2.48" x 1.39" (62.1 x 35.9 mm)

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