Bracelet with 4 King Solomon Seals Silver 925

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Bracelet with pendants «Seal of King Solomon» (925 sterling silver)

Bracelet with pendants Seals is a fashionable and modern jewelry, simultaneously having a sacred and magical sense. On medallions, there are four seals of Solomon: the seal of Protection, the seal of Love, the seal of Health and the seal of the Winner.

On the charms in the form of a crown: the seal of Abundance, the seal of the Execution of Desires, the seal of Fertility (Conceiving) and the seal of Matchmaking. Each pentagram gives you the opportunity to make the desired changes in your life. Improve health and get the desired wealth, find your love and continue your genus, achieve success in any endeavor and get much needed protection. You can wear amulets-charms both together and separately. If you have your Pandora bracelet, you can use it as the basis for wearing our amulets with Pentacles of King Solomon.
Size of bracelet: 18cm (7 inch)
Weight: 80gram

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