Kabbalah Bracelet of the 72 Names of the LORD and their Virtues

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The famous bracelet consists of parts which are engraved with the 72 names of the Creator. It's not just names, but 72 sequences of three letters of the Hebrew alphabet, each of which carries a certain kind of energy to the spiritual and material transformation. According to the tradition, Moses used this sacred code to separate the waters of the Red Sea to water the Jewish people.

The Kabbalistic code by which we can achieve harmony in all spheres of human life and open up new possibilities of understanding the world is laid in the bracelet.

The size of the bracelet with a buckle rings ranges from 18 to 22 cm. Also it is available in a gift box.

Material: Silver 925

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aibao Chen

It's not just a beautiful bracelet; it's had a profound positive impact on my life

La Donna

Wearing it brings me a sense of peace and connection to something greater. Highly recommend for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice

Sharon Miles
Bracelet 72 Names of LORD

100 percent!