Anointing Oil Spikenard Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle Jerusalem 15ml

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Anointing Oil Frankincense Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle Jerusalem 15ml

The tradition of the usage of Anointing Oil for the church service and religious rituals came from the ancient times. Our ancestors used Biblical flowers, plants and virgin olive oil for the producing the Anointing Oil. 

The Anointing Oil with Spikenard has rich spicy aroma of the plants and flowers, grown exclusively on the Holy Land. Moreover, it is made on the basis of natural olive oil which has great healing properties. The Anointing Oil will help to create special atmosphere in your home, will attract positive energy and God’s blessing. If you present the Anointing Oil as a souvenir to your friends and relatives, you will give them a part of the Holy Land.

Size:  2,73" x 1,12 " (6,9 х 2,8 cm) 

Weight: 1.8 oz (51 gr)

Volume: 15ml /0.5fl.oz

Country of origin:  Israel

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