Amulet Protection Against the Sitra Achra

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Kabbalistic term Sitra Achra translated from the Aramaic means "the dark side." According to the Jewish mystical theory, the world has two sides: "Sitra Akdusha ( "side of holiness") and "Sitra Achra" ( "the other part" ). Good and evil, existing separately from the moment of the creation of the world, joined after the original sin, and become inseparable - there is no good without evil and the evil without the good.

The amulet "Sitra Achra" is designed to protect from the dark forces of the universe and the human soul. It protects from evil desires, makes person free from impure thoughts and pushes away the dark energy of the outside world.

There is a coded force on the front side of the amulet, which is aimed at countering manifestations of the "dark side." On the back there is an engraved prayer to the power of the Light, which increases the good in the spiritual and physical life of its owner.

Size: Ø 0,09 (2.7 cm)
Chain size:
50cm - 19,7 inch
Weight amulet & Chain:
0,025 oz (7,2 gr)
 Silver 925

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